After so many years it was on the market it comes by no surprise that Android is one of the most popular open-source mobile platforms in the world when it comes to operating systems for smart phones or tablets. This of course wouldn’t have been possible if Android wasn’t fast, reliable and mind blowing credit to its many different features and the possibility it provides to the customers to customize it themselves. Android is also constantly evolving thanks to the need to provide the consumer a wider range of tools that one could use; to build a bigger and greater variety of innovative applications and it is not afraid to break all kind of barriers to achieve that.

Evolution of Android OS

Evolution of Android

Most of the Android Smartphone’s are touch-screen devices. “Most of them” because there are some – but not all – that are available with hardware keyboards. They also come with a desktop that comes with a different number of screens – it really depends on the model because there are some Android phones that have no more than three and others might have seven. These screens are free to customize by the customers: they could fill them with search boxes and widgets and convenient shortcuts to different apps and many more. This customization is indeed one of the biggest benefits of the Android phone because it offers flexibility and imagination while the users are setting it to their own likings. Aside from shortcuts Android offers its customers a comprehensive menu through which getting access to different apps and features is easy as pie.

A synonym for Android might as well be Open Nature because any of the customers could create an application if they like, thus the selection of them on the Android Market store is growing more and more varied. To bigger convenience for the consumers there was created the multi-tasking, which provides the possibility for one to run more than one apps at the same time. This is one of the handiest features because while waiting for your web page to load you could check tons of other things – your e-mail, for example.

Choosing between Android and Apple OS

Indeed, Android OS has many benefits and is available in many varied versions; it offers customization and a great variety of handsets but even that when it comes to that choice everybody hesitates: “Should I after all purchase an Apple OS or an Android?” But that’s normal because as any other product, between those two there are of course both many similarities and differences when it comes to the basis of their hardware and software. The most necessary information that you need to know about, however, is about the source code, the operating system, networking, connectivity and security.

  • Source code – It is good to point out that here Android has a great advantage because while Apple’s operating system has a closed source and restricts its customers to use it on any other mobile phones and machines, Android’s has a fully open one, that was purchased by Google, which means that any mobile company could use it.
  • Operating system – Another big difference is in the operating system because Apple has developed its own unique one that is available only for the Apple products. It has also no further categories. Android’s operating system, on the other hand, is delivered to the customers from Linux and thus it was divided later into many different categories and versions. You might even say that there are not two categories that are exactly the same. This offers the customers greater choice and variety but that also means that they should research and read before purchasing an Android.
  • Network – By no doubt, Android has the leadership in this category as well because it gives you no restrictions while Apple has a limited social network because it does not promote globalism. By using Android you could become a member of any community platform that you like which includes Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Connectivity – By having Google’s platform Android also has all kinds of different features like the Google search engine, Gmail, youtube, GTalk and even Google maps. This way it becomes even more dynamic and preferable.
  • Security – By being open to the social network that also means that it is more vulnerable to different viruses and security threats. Apple in the meanwhile is more secure with its tight security system and locked operating system.