Facebook has not been into acquisition as such, but it now started making some smart moves. The social network is said to have acquired Chai Labs, a web publishing semantic search company at an estimated price of $10 million. Allthingsd quoted to many sources but the confirm price of acquisition was unable to retrieve. Possibly Facebook was interested in technology developed by Chai Labs, so could purchase it at a great price.

Chai Labs site reads –

Our technology platform enables publishers to easily customize and launch scalable, search-friendly sites in several verticals. We seamlessly complement our partners’ editorial teams, and some of our most compelling implementations have occurred when editors and journalists have worked side-by-side with our platform.

The main focus of Chai Labs is of course web publishing, but it is very associated to search. It highlights search verticals and it allows users to search for content in a specific area. Well Google is been grabbing social networking companies and gaming companies quickly of late. So Facebook interested in snapping some of the search companies is understood!