Most recently Google has introduced Vanity Urls in Google Profiles — which brings social memorable identity and within a week Facebook trying to do the same things and it’s not possible to remember the digit based profiles urls and soon facebook will give vanity urls such as, “A number of celebrities and high profile individuals have been granted profile URLs for free as a way to encourage them to update their Facebook public profiles more regularly. Other users have been regularly asking for shorter versions for their public profiles. It appears that Facebook has been listening and is now considering setting up a market for short URLs. Every day I personally receive a number of inquiries from individuals asking how to get a short URL for their public profile. So far Facebook hasn’t let users do anything about it although there have been rumors that they were considering let individuals purchase URLs” – says Nick.

Facebook has 200 million active users and nowadays they are making survey about this matter and they will make millions of dollar if user start to pay for short URLs and we know it’s another one business strategy, facebook trying to start where as giving this vanity urls for free. Question is, How much you be willing to pay? How much will you spend for a short url with facebook?