Before starting factory format and reinstalling the phone firmware in Samsung Galaxy S or other android mobiles, you should know that there are few difference between factory format and factory data reset. Factory format removes all files and settings including the internal memory storage from your phone while reinstalling the phone firmware whereas factory data reset simply removes Google account settings stored in your phone, System and application data and settings, Downloaded applications from the mobile.

Secondly in factory data reset you can have the options to abort the reset but after performing the factory format codes you can only remove the phone battery to save it from format and re-installation of firmware.

How to factory format and reinstall the phone firmware in Samsung Galaxy S and other android mobiles

Step: 1 – Dial this code from your phone *2767*3855#

Step: 2 – Follow the above video

1. You can perform the factory data reset by dialling *#*#7780#*#* from your android mobiles.
2. All the codes are tested on Samsung Galaxy S GT – I9000.