google chrome Launch of a brand new web browsers from Google Inc. is quite old news today as almost every techy have hands in it.As google is already pop in our eye balls for creating massive pitch in the fields of launching mind blowing web applications, chrome is proved to be a golden polish on the brand name “Google

Note:-Read the post only if you already download the Google chrome (if not have a taste on)

Though google chrome is launched now but google itself says “it’s available only for Windows users, but you can sign up on the download page to learn when the Mac and Linux versions are available”

Some of the best features of chrome are as follows

Application shortcuts – a hany way to access web apps

Simpler downloads – Inbuild download manager to monitor your downloads

New Tab page just like firefox and IE 7,8

Dynamic tabs – You can easily drag tabs from your browser to create new windows

Instant bookmarks – Star icon at the left edge of the address bar makes your bookmarks

Crash control – One app can’t crashes your browser, only particular tab will down.

Importing settings – Transfers all your cache and private data from others existing browsers like Firefox,Internet explorer , Safari,Opera etc

Incognito mode -Example of private browsing

Safe browsing – Warning against unsafe website.

Here is the details discription(in a youtube video channel by google) of some silent features behind Google Chrome from google chrome development team 

Options i miss in chrome

  1. I miss most of my firefox extensions
  2. I miss the “view image” options at the right click
Their are many other things that are not available on the chrome (that i will blog soon after compilation).If you know even a single feature that isn’t available( or you wish to have it) , feel free to drop in comments.