FileshareHQ, a newly launched file sharing service based on UK design agency Slipstream Studio. It brings different things on file storage service for free and i’m ensuring you that, it’s not like that Dropbox, or YoursendIt type file sharing service. They are targeting “pro users” — designers, web developers, photographers, video editors professions geeks and offering to use the service by FTP access and the normal web interface available too.

Normally, file sharing website giving free account plus web interface and some are giving desktop client. We know, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) it’s easier way to upload files and to download again and without installing extra software, anyone can use smoothly get the FTP access to upload files for free and for tech-savvy it’s really great.

Today they launched and still you can get 1GB space for free, soon they are going to open the “pro user’s” options and it maybe take one week.

So, which web companies file sharing service you like? Share with us.