The people who are behind the firefox web browser they have been thinking for a long time — how the browser will handle tabs in future. The discussion mainly centralized in “when you’re opening a new tab, is it blank screen, or showing rss feed updates”. Also a list of frequently visited pages and one developers novel idea “if firefox didn’t have any tabs at all? What it will be?

Oliver Reichenstein says browser tabs worked well back when we’d only have a few web pages open at a time. Now that it’s not uncommon for users to have a dozen or more tabs, it’s increasingly difficult to tell what’s going on in the browser tab bar or find the tab you’re looking for

Oliver Reichenstein has created a mockup firefox version which looks like iTunes and you can make tags per web pages, easy to sort out by search engine, category pages and so on options.

However, it’s really interesting and common browser tab will be hopefully launch in firefox 3.5. Lets see in future.