Are you looking any free software which can help you to take free screen shots of your browser? Lot of applications available. Screencastle is Java-based tools which will record a selected region of your screen with audio. That means, anytime you can make a video tutorials or video shots within a short a short time without installing any software or spending any extra money to buying a pro version. In the mean time, after completing your video it will move to next steps and start to uploading your video to their hosts and shortly the video will be shareable, accessible and download-able too.

Telestream’s screenflow — it’s working perfectly on Mac but not working in PC. It might be creating problem and as well you can try Screencast-O-Matic. Few months ago I tried Screen Toaster which is a free online screen recording tools. It can easily capture video of onscreeen actions and shareable instantly. It’s working perfectl on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. No matter on which platform you’re on. Also you will get lots of tutorial which is user based and free to enjoy that video from anywhere.