As i’m a designer, i need to look over the latest designs and trends of internet, for that i have to take the screenshots of several web pages and designs.But my main problem while taking screenshot (ctrl+page sreen) is the half loaded pages besides having a requirement of full length images.Today i encountered with an application to get the WebShot of webpages and websites.Best this is that it allows me to take screenshots  and save them as full sized images or thumbnails. Screenshots images can be output in the JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats.

Some handsome features are listed as

  • You can easily defined the final output ie Image thumbnailing reduces the final capture image easily
  • Browser size specification allows you to capture the whole page or part of it
  • CSV output of page title, meta keywords, and description helps you parse the most important information from a page
  • It have automatic determination of page width and height that captures the whole page accurately.
  • Its frame dimensions are determined and calculated on pages that have them.
  • Global bitmap file mapping object, reduces memory footprint for multiple threads per instance
  • Image encoding to JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP with image quality control to save on disk space
  • Timeouts allow you to wait for activex controls to load before capturing
  • Project is live actively,maintained and developed
  • CSV output allows you to easily parse the results of a screenshot capture operation
  • Higher quality color quantized gif images produce better screenshots with less disk space


Demo of webshot for my blog

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