which mainly aggregating other social networks, blogging networks and sharing with others what things you’re doing on other networks. You can subscribe anyone and start to watch what your friends doing on other networks from friendfeed.

Day by day they releases lots of new updates and recently they are going to enable real time updates into your accounts. Without refreshing pages — you can see your friends updates within a second just in front of you. As well, you can make comments in below, or like or hide the events — depends on you. In details, when your friend did a posts on his/her blog or digg somethings or bookmarked anything on delicious — within a second you will be notified. It’s the fastest ways and doing this function openly for the friendfeed users. You can surf technology news sphere @technology where you can track the frequently changes and get the latest news of technology.

Most recently facebook re-designed and also friendfeed which did thumbs up “Interesting to see FriendFeed focus on performance and UI (user interface) simplicity. They ‘get it,'” by jimsimons. In the meantime, twitter couldn’t able to enable live stream in the homepages but they should. Caroline says, “But FriendFeed is a niche service right now; what it really needs to do is break out of Silicon Valley and start gaining quasi-mainstream appeal the way Twitter has. It’s not clear that this redesign will be enough to accomplish that.” Luckily they will enhance more features on it.