Data is the most precious thing in the computer and we often reflects carelessness towards it. As a result we tends to the chances of black hole data loss (though its possible to recover the data after the crash but its not 100 % safe). Why don’t we think about the precautions measures ?

GFI-Backup GFI Backup is a free applications that allows you to back up your data in most desirable formats and locations. You can backup your data on someone else system on local area network (LAN) locations, on internal or external hard disks, CD/DVD media, removable media devices (USB sticks, memory sticks, flash memory, floppy disks, etc.), and remote locations using FTP with upload auto-resume. In case you have enough space at your host then you don’t need to pay extra bucks for the paid applications that claims to store your data online.Moreover it have ability to backup Windows Registry ,options like detailed logs of all backup operations ,built-in easy-to-use task scheduler ,predefined searching filters and much more.

Some of the best feature about GFI Backup are as follows:

  1. You can easily Synchronize files and folders on different devices.
  2. Ease to backup program settings for various applications like Firefox,Outlook and Address Book
  3. Ease to backup open files using Volume Shadow Copy Service
  4. Option to have standard Zip archives for backups
  5. Ability of incremental and differential backups that also have facility of version control.
  6. Strong protection using military-strength 256-bit AES encryption.