Today Gmail will rolling out an updated design, contact, look and some more interesting features. Among these Contact tool was more criticized and users will be pleased with this revamp. Actually better Contacts has always been the most wanted feature by Gmail users so the team finally got around to starting up the tool more on par with the rest of the Gmail experience.

Benjamin Grol, a Gmail Product Manager wrote

You’ve asked us to generally make Contacts easier to use, as well as for specific improvements like sorting by last name, keyboard shortcuts, and custom labels for phone numbers. So, by popular request, we’re happy to announce that an overhauled version of Gmail Contacts will be rolling out today.

The interesting features include:

  • Keyboard shortcut (go to contacts and hit “?” for full list
  • Sort by last name (look under “more actions”)
  • Custom labels for phone numbers and other fields
  • The ability to undo changes you have made
  • Automatic saving
  • Structured name fields, so you can adjust titles, suffixes, and other name components
  • A bigger, more prominent notes field

Other notable changes include three new links for Mail, Contacts and Tasks at the very top of the left sidebar along with a new Compose Mail button as opposed to a simple link. Gmail also features slightly altered colors. Apps users will have to wait a bit longer to get the new Gmail interface.