Google Glass is the future of mobile computing if Google does things its way. The search giant keeps bringing hardware updates, new features and accessories to make the Glass the most advanced wearable device when it will be available sometime next year. As of now, the Glass can take photos, search the web, answer your questions and navigate, but soon it will also be able to play music. Google has just announced a dedicated audio player integrated with Google Play Music service. As soon as it will be open to the users, special stereo ear buds will be introduced to let Glass Explorers listen to their favorite tunes. The accessory is expected to cost $85 and come with a number of interchangeable caps.


Google Play Music for Glass is not live yet, but it will be launched very soon. As things are going on now, Google Glass is slowly becoming a standalone computer that you can wear on your head. At the very beginning it was meant to be a companion for your smartphone, but Google has quickly noticed its enormous potential. We can only wait and see what direction the Glass is going to head.

Check out the pure awesomeness of Google Glass in the Video below.