What is the purpose of Knol?

It is basically designed to accommodate characteristics that countenance internet readers to easily submit comments, rate pages and suggest useful changes.In short its another big buzz in the social world, though it is not yet buzzed effectively.

What is the plus point of Knol if compare with the Wikipedia?

Their are many different features in Knol if compared with Wikipedia, some of the features are like: It doesn’t allows anyone to edit an entry as we do in Wikipedia but  only the author of a “knol,” as the pages in the service would be called, would be allowed to edit.Moreover different authors could have competing pages on the same topic. (Google is pretty clever in creating more and more contents – Content is King )knol


  1. Earn while creating contents – option to include AdSense ads alongside their Knols
  2. Social Media features like commenting on the articles – users can rate and write reviews about the contents.

What is the response of Google on Knol?

Udi Manber, VP Engineer at Google, says

…..there are millions of people who possess useful knowledge that they would love to share, and there are billions of people who can benefit from it. But, Google considers that despite the fact we are living in a world where a blog is created at every 8 seconds, sharing the knowledge is not simply enough.

How Google is promoting Knol?

  • Google is promoting the Knol with the help of web competitions, for example

You could be one of 5 finalists featured on Dummies.com, or even the grand prize winner who’ll receive a cash prize of $1,000. Simply write a how-to article about something you’re particularly good at.

  • Google has signed a deal with the New Yorker magazine, allowing authors to add one cartoon per entry from the publication’s cartoon repository

Basic Facts: Knol can’t be a competition to a Wikipedia?

Google still need to work a lot and pure in some killer strategies in order to replace the Wikipedia.In my opinion its pretty hard to replace the wikipedia as it is a well established family having thousands of moderators and millions of content writers.No doubt knol have quite amazing features in points of social media and advertising but no one deny the fact that Wikipedia have its own webmaster value.Moreover unlike Knol, Wikipedia is not for  promoting your products or web site.

According to plagiarismtoday.com Google knol is a fail and their are many reasons why it has failed like Lack of Community Support ,Repetition of articles,Advertising Reward leads to bad intentions,Improper searching,Spammers can easily game the knol system.Some snip of the reasons are as follows:

In order to fix Knol, Google needs to step away from this idea that Knol is meant to be the anti-Wikipedia. Though Wikipedia has its problems and certainly isn’t a reliable source, it is both more useful and more reliable than Knol.

For all that Wikipedia has done wrong, it has done a fair amount right including build a huge community, produce an incredibly large number of entries, work to enforce a quality standard and keep itself moving forward. Sure, it makes mistakes, has vandals and can be a cesspool in places, it isn’t spinning its wheels with endless repetition of the same information