Google has launched Google Labs and this site will inform the user about the latest experimental activities of companies — it maybe search engine based or other web tools. Most amazing updates is Similar Images and Google News Timeline. Downloadsquad entitled, The new Google Labs is hosted on Google App Engine, and today Google rolled out the first two new labs features we’ve seen in the past few months: Similar Images and Google News Timeline.

Google Similar Image, it maybe showing results when you’re looking same pictures in whole results. Such as you wants to see world famous templates and you will see only the shots which is the just templates you’re looking and all photos has relevancy and as well same. Still it’s not implemented in search engine but maybe they will soon enable it.

Google News Timeline, revolutionizing service when has great power to move backward and find any specific news or information by using Google News Timeline. You know, if it’s paper based it’s quite harder but when it’s digital based then it’s easier and you can use searching features to find instantly.

However, both features are awesome and google more centralizing on images search engine updates and it’s really great that we will get our desired images by using google images engine.