Larry Page in just a week after taking over the company, Google, is reported to have sent out a memo to the entire company stating that 25% of the employee’s bonus will be tied to Google’s success on Social media. According to the memo that was leaked and posted online, employee bonuses is said that it will depend on how the company does on its ‘strategy to integrate relationships, sharing and identity across our products. If we’re successful, your bonus could be up to 25% bigger. If not, your bonus could be up to 25% less than target’.

Since the reports of the memo there have been a lot of reactions pouring in from experts and enthusiasts. Though social media is flaunting this as being an indicator of the growth and importance of social media; many have seen it as not the best decision made by Page. Some of the reasons for this being a mistake, experts indicate, that:

  • Not everyone uses social media
  • Getting Google employees to just access social media will not be sufficient

Finally, criticizers of this decision even believe that Page doesn’t entirely understand the concept that is Facebook and therefore is trying half measure ways to solve a completely different problem.

via [Business Insider]