You may not believe but there are still users on Internet who do not have a Google account and signing up of one could be deal with lot of hassle. With that in mind, Google is now making it easier for Yahoo users to create a Google account.

Eric Sachs, Senior Product Manager, Google Security wrote

How many times have you created a new account at a website and seen a message that said: “Thank you for creating an account. To activate your new account, please access your email and click the verification URL provided.”

Even though you just want to start using the website, this lengthy process requires you to manually perform a whole bunch of steps”

To make this process simpler, we’re now using an Internet standard called OpenID which is supported by several email providers, including Yahoo!. Instead of the process above, Yahoo! users who sign up with Google see the page below with a button that sends them to Yahoo! for verification.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo have more email users than Gmail, so here we know what does this announcement is for. Once you creating a Google account using a Yahoo email, you would have the option of verifying the email address by simply logging into Yahoo.

Google relies on OpenID and OAuth for the verification process, which both Google and Yahoo support. For now, the feature is only restricted to Yahoo, but Google says it will expand it to other sites using OpenID and Microsoft seems the next understandable target.