This is a simple announcement for our recent Google page rank update, now we are on PR4 slab.
Finally Google removes the penalty from honeytechblog but about a year ago we have the page rank of 3 which was dropped to PR2. I don’t know about the reasons of previous penalty but still recommend you webmaster guidelines for better rankings and precaution’s. You should also follow Google Webmaster Central for checking the errors, warnings, status and sitelinks.

Some nice words for proclaimed ranking systems

Most of the bloggers and Internet marketers worship ranking systems like Alexa and Google. These proclaimed ranking systems matters but not exactly up to this extent of hyped smugness. If we compare Google PR and Alexa then i’ll cheer for Google rather than Alexa. Though Google PR and Alexa are on different matrix but both supplies the immense dope of pleasure to online community.

Just answer these questions:

1.Don’t you dream to get higher PR and higher traffic rank ? 🙂
2.Don’t you check your PR after every news of Google PR updates? 🙂

What matters most is the traffic

Yes, the most important factor for you should be your traffic, it may be organic or direct. You can use social bookmarking sites and even use 20 easy ways to increase website traffic .

Good traffic != Good Alexa

If you have a good traffic then it is not necessary that your Alexa will increase. In last 4 months the traffic of honeytechblog is increases up to 1.4 times but alexa rank dropped from 21k to 31k.

Last but not least if anyone of you have noticed the PR update on any another blog/sites then please notify us with your comments.