Google recently made an announcement of its updated privacy policy, which will come in effect from October 3rd 2010. You will not find any change in the actual policy as such, but of course the text has been simplified and few bits are added to make it easier to read and comprehend by a common user.

Mike Yang, Associate General Counsel at Google, wrote.

Long, complicated and lawyerly—that’s what most people think about privacy policies, and for good reason. Even taking into account that they’re legal documents, most privacy policies are still too hard to understand,

So we’re simplifying and updating Google’s privacy policies. To be clear, we aren’t changing any of our privacy practices; we want to make our policies more transparent and understandable,” he added.

The biggest change towards simplifying the privacy policies is eradicating some of them. Most of Google’s products and services are governed Google Privacy Policy. Some, however, also have their own supplementary individual policies. Since there is a lot of repetition, Google is deleting 12 of these product-specific policies.

Next change is to the main policy that is getting a rewrite. Some of the legal terminology is gone and some outmoded parts have been removed. New content has been added as well, where further details were required, but, overall, the new text is smaller and easier to understand. The new privacy policy is available for review and would be implemented starting October 3rd. Google is providing a FAQ for the changes which should cover any reservations.