Beyond doubts Google is a technology company, but the purpose of it is much higher than what is visible. The green energy supporter is now interested in opening a Think Tank on global policies in New York. With the hope to incorporate technology solutions to solve world’s problem, Google is hiring Washington technology insider Jared Cohen.  He is now said to be working on Google Ideas, a technology think tank to be revealed later this year.

According to Fortune

Cohen was hired during the Bush Administration by Condoleezza Rice’s State Department’s policy planning staff at age 24, just after getting his M.Phil at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.  Since then, he has become an incredibly well connected and well traveled diplomat versed in ’21st Century Statecraft’.  He’s also written a book called Children of Jihad where he advocates for the use of technology for social upheaval in the Middle East and elsewhere.

We’ve been told that Cohen is busy building a new entity for Google which is tentatively called Google Ideas.  Ideas is a global initiatives ‘think tank’ office inside of Google and will be run out of New York.  Cohen will be working for Google full time by this fall. His job will be to spearhead initiatives to apply technology solutions to problems faced by the developing world.

He now serves under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is said to be aware of his move to Google. While he hasn’t left the administration yet, he is already working on initial plans for the think tank. Cohen’s role at Google isn’t exactly clear or the role of the Google Ideas project for that matter. In large he will focus on ways technology could help developing countries and how the web can enrich the lives of those struggling with poverty. Neither Google nor Cohen has commented on this matter.