In a press conference Monday, Google and Verizon joint hands together confirming their commitment to “an open Internet” purported net neutrality. This concept explains that Internet service providers (ISPs) supposed to treat all online properties equally. In simple terms, users can access as fast as BBC, Twitter or Facebook. The sites will get no special treatment for their popularity or content.

According to Google Public Policy blog

The original architects of the Internet got the big things right. By making the network open, they enabled the greatest exchange of ideas in history. By making the Internet scalable, they enabled explosive innovation in the infrastructure.

It is imperative that we find ways to protect the future openness of the Internet and encourage the rapid deployment of broadband. Verizon and Google are pleased to discuss the principled compromise our companies have developed over the last year concerning the thorny issue of “network neutrality.”

The Verizon-Google Legislative Framework Proposal to lawmakers stressed that wireline Internet (non-wireless broadband) users should have “access to all legal content on the Internet” without discrimination. This “nondiscrimination” policy bans all prioritization (including paid prioritization) of Internet traffic. “In addition to not blocking or degrading of Internet content and applications, wireline broadband providers also could not favor particular Internet traffic over other traffic,” states the proposal.

“Under the principles, there is no prioritization of traffic that comes from Google over the Internet, period,” said Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg today, point-blank. The companies also asked for FCC regulation in this regard, proposing that violators of the policy should be penalized up to $2 million on a case-by-case basis.