Over smartness is defined as the excess tasks that can spoil the work and may outcomes as a negative results. Sometimes newcomers neglect the standard guidelines because they really don’t know about do’s and don’t s. Permanent banned from the Google Adsense due to excessive and intentional clicks is the most common example of the foolishness that people should avoid. There are many other reasons which should be considered carefully before indulging your excess labor over any websites and blogs. Most commonly people use Push and Pull Marketing for the websites and blog promotion but you should also need to avoid few blackball listed as follows:

1. Can i use hidden text or hidden links in the webpage?

No, you should avoid using hidden text or hidden links as you are not supposed to be a KGB agent. Hidden texts and links are the illegal way which is considered as the suspicious activity by the most of the Search engine spiders and renowned ad networks.

2.My page have Malware and Trojans in the form of suspicious scripts.


You should cross check your server regularly to avoid the malicious activities of XSS (cross site scripting ) which may install the viruses and Trojans in the form of iframes. This kind of activity leads to immediate and permanent banned from the google.

3.What if i used immense amount of  same contents on different pages , sub folders, sub domains to get the better and more search engine indexing.

You should avoid creating sub-domains ,multiple pages or different domains with substantially duplicate or similar contents as Google seriously consider the duplicity of contents and results downgrade of Page ranks.

4.What if i set up affiliate sites to earn more money?

Your affiliate site should be meaningful for the Google bots and should not contain useless and spam’s links. On the other hand if the content of your affiliate pages is meaningful,unique and have valued for the users then it will automatically gains the value in the Google results.

5.What if i use automated applications , SEO tricks and software’s to get the better Google results ?

You may be smart but Google have all the authority to detects the queries coming into their servers so avoid using automated applications to get indexed in the google. Some of the applications like WebPosition Gold is officially banned from the Google.

Here is the snip of WebPosition and Google history by webmasterworld member webmama

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6. What if i’m accused of Keyword stuffing ?

Keyword stuffing is another illegal activity to load the webpage for intentional motive of higher search results and rankings. You should avoid following keyword stuffing over your webpage and if you are the victim then you should properly clean you page with irrelevant keywords and contents and try to submit your site for reconsideration.

7. What if i buy the paid links and secretly try to increase the page ranks using different activities and link schemes?

The best way to get the good page ranks is the quality contents of your website. Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is strictly considered by the Google bots. Matts Cutts recently described the whole process behind the PageRank sculpting which calculate the page ranks.

8. What if my site URI is very awkward and not SEO friendly ?

In case you website or CMS have very awkward URI’s like youdomain.com/?id=27%S?=23456%ssd?=1235 then this will create a –ve effect on the search engine indexing as compare to friendly URI’s like yourdomain.com/sample-post-name.html. You can use mod_rewrite RewriteRule Generator for SEF (Search engine friendly) Urls.

Last but not least, a simple ,lighter and faster webpage is considers to be greater rather than the lengthy and heavy pages with lots of http requests, css and script files. You can easily optimize website loading time and performance as it will effects the bounce rates and rankings. Matt Cutts properly describe the future of web predicted by Google in this video

Optimize website loading time and performance