After various requests and suggestions, Honeytech Blog is now open for Guest Blogging. Guest writing / blogging is a simple platform to grab Social Media visibility, traffic, free exposure, targeted audience and in the net shell it improves your online reputation. Moreover, if you owns a new blog then writing a good content may not be everything. You need a good marketing strategy and readership that can be easily achieved by guest blogging or authority along your name.

Benefits for guest bloggers

You can have by line info at the end of each post for your branding. You can have link to your blog along with the links to your Social media profiles.

An example of guest blogging

Top 10 online tools for Small Businesses via Indu Kandasamy

How to apply for guest blogging

For posting you need to have credentials and access to the guest authors dashboard. You need to follow following few steps in order to create a guest author account.

1.You need to register for an account here and fill out your profile information like biographical Info.
2.After creating an account you need to contact us with your username.

Coming soon for guest bloggers

In coming day’s we will start various program’s in which all the guest bloggers will be directly connected with big corporate brands in Electronics, Telecom and other Industries for have exclusive access to conferences, meetings and events. Apart from that you can also have the benefits of revenue sharing program. Watch out this page for the updates on guest blogger initiatives.

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