If you are a blues fan, Wednesday night would be a night,you would never want to experience again.As time would etch on the pages of football history,it was as if that flawless chocolate brownie which was about to melt in your mouth was snatched out of it.And Rome seemed out of bounds.A disaster, a real heart break at the Stamford Bridge.


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After out-muscling the red devils from Liverpool, Chelsea and the men in blue reached the semi-final of the champions league awaited by the catlan giants Barcelona who have now become a synonym of footballing excellence after Pep Guardiola took over as their manager.While on the other hand Chelsea after starting the season miserably were re-organizing under Guus Hiddink.

The first leg was played at Barcelona’s home ground , at the Nou Camp.Right from the word go,Chelsea were out-thought,out-played in every department of the game.And if you ask me,being a Chelsea supporter how was I feeling through the course of the game.The one liner from my side would be I came to know that the mountain was un-treatable.Never the less at the end of 90 minutes we managed a tame draw.And at last the feeling was Thank GOD!!..it is over..huh!!..

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After the game Chelsea and their game plan was alleged to have acted as the exponents of dull, boring and negative football.As they never attacked not even on the counters and all the eleven players were defending.But I don’t think so.It is not because I am a die hard blues fan and I am being partial.And even if I am partial.. so what?? If Barcelona felt that they deserved to win , they should have scored but they couldn’t even once get past chec.The mercurial quartet of Henry,Messi,Eto and Iniesta was blunted.So I think the draw was a bitter pill to swallow for the catalans and so came their remarks out of frustration.

Now came the all important night of 6th May,the night of the second leg of the champions league semi-finals at Stamford Bridge, the home ground of Chelsea.

The men in blue started on a positive note as suggested by their manager in the pre-match conference.While Barca were as ever majestic in their technical excellence of passing the ball like a spider web,but they never manged to enter the penalty area threatening the Chelsea defence.On the other hand Chelsea not so frequent in their attacks were proving very threatening whenever they did.And it took just 9 minutes for the entire Stamford Bridge to jump out of their seats in joy, unimaginable.So did I.I jumped out of my bean bag,screaming so loud that my throat is still aching.It was Lampard‘s chip which got deflected from the Barca’s defence and bounced to Essien and the BISON took no time in dispatching it under the bar, crashing into the net.It was a breathtaking ,vicious left footer from Essien that showed the world that the Catalans are not the only epitome of footballing prowess.

Everything was under control and the men in blue were cruising quite confidently, leading 1-0.And the 90 minutes ended.Now only 4 added minutes of injury time had to be seen through.Now only 90 seconds left.

And then the disaster happened.Andres Iniesta scored one of the most valuable goals for his team and led it to champions league final.It was a pass from Messi and the Spanish midfielder struck the unstoppable shot in the top right corner of the Chelsea net.And the Blue Titanic sank at the bridge.It was a heartbreak for me and every Chelsea supporter world over.We lost and the wait has already begun for next year.You know ..why..I cannot help it.I will win it someday.

It was very disappointing that Chelsea didn’t finish it.And every one can be very critical of that.But no one who saw that match would ever deny the fact that almost 3 penalties in favors of Chelsea were denied.And the bald referee acted like absolute moron.The blues supporters may rant endlessly about the chances turned down but the fact is that now it will not be reverted and we will have to wait for the next year.

We will paint the world BLUE.Go on CHELSEA.GOD SPEED!