Vertical search engine is a different segment of search which is narrowed down to a specific category. It offers a precise information required by the user.

How Google's Vertical Search WorksVertical Search Works also provide the users with its own niche vertical search engines namely wedding, food, woodwork, entertainment, home garden, family and many more.

A vertical engine from Google Works focuses on specific segments of the Web contents or even a Web topic. The best examples can be seen in the Google’s menu bar like Images, News,  Food Recipes, YouTube, Maps etc.

These verticals generate far higher revenues to Google than the other verticals.

The main advantages of these Vertical search engines are:

  • It has the ability to determine the user intent with ease. This helps the online shoppers to get every detail of the product ranging from price, location, history and so on.
  • Narrows down the search space that enables accurate results for the users.
  • Provides ‘knowledge graphs’ a new type of displays welcomed by all the users.
  • Also initiates the great online retailers like Wal-Mart, Amazon to have funding and capability to make their internal vertical search.

One should be aware here that Google alone is not the player in Vertical search engine as there are more players who operate at lower levels.