Today i’m not in the mood of writing any tips or technical reviews and you may be confused about this trick question of the title.

For starters, geeks are often related to things not human beings to begin with. Have you ever heard a geek say the L word to a person? They say the L word to the blinking ensemble of wires and nodes sitting still in front of them.

They are pale and deathly looking since they literally live all bundled up in their rooms. So definitely, they are not the outdoor type. Meaning, they DO NOT step outside their doors.

Photo Courtesy Tiago Doria

These geeks would amaze you if you are one of them. As a lady geek, wouldn’t it also be a little hard for you to go outside and bask under the sun in your cut-offs and “Gates, you rock my world” printed on your baby tees?

If you thinks that why particularly i’m talking about the geek only ? or Why not any simple human or confused about the relevancy of this post then i’ll suggest you 12 Reasons Why a Geek Will Steal Your Girlfriend.

You see, geeks often find it hard to engage in a lengthy conversation with non-geeks since what will they talk about? The Stock Market or perhaps the rise and fall of the economy? They are so updated with the latest virus strains that have attacked the World Wide Web but not the current flu virus.

Although these geeks may have a string of buddies they call friends, have you met any one of them? They are mostly found online just like him. Your geek is the Casanova of the Net world unfortunately, a nobody in the real world.

So to answer the question on how many girlfriends a Geek should have, are you speaking of a living and breathing girlfriend? None.