Been a blogger-bug all the while, smitten by the iPhone trend…, is your blogging imagination and your iPhone seems to be world apart, They aren’t, just get them linked, and you will soar your blogging world along with the iPhone at a snappy pace. Inked below, are just the needs to make a blogging more fun to be with, with your new iPhone.

There are many a bloggers who have been running a blog for quite some time, And even though there are huge number of blog that lie rather quiet over many a weeks, their new iPhone world has awakened their senses to find time to reflect on some recent developments through their new I-world. The old phone, like the one’s from the Sony Ericsson (used by many bloggers) served them with a software that enabled them to transfer their clicked images to be sent straight to their, but for sure you know iPhone failed on this front.

How To Blog From iPhone?

The motivation for a lively blogger with an iPhone is that, many of the blogging sites that encompass within them the programmable API. And loads of alternative means to create blogs, and most of them are already been employed. Email to webpage technology allocates web content to be created within an email client and then be easily published by propelling an email which is read by the server and circulated.

In contrast, the iPhone has a great web browser, that eases its way manages forms extremely well, so it’s an amazing means for posting to any website. But uploading photos or images is major challenge still because of the built-in restriction imposed to access the file system (However this concept doesn’t lay strong with the hacked iphones). On the contrary the iphone’s snappy quick, hyper-pacey and cool email client over-rides the issues of posting or uploading photos on to a blog site.

Easy Steps:

  1. Using the’s email as a blog option, you can click photos on the iphone; select the Email photo option;
  2. And send to a private address that only you are aware of;
  3. The same will be received by & published as a blog entry.
  4. A perfect Snappy-quick solution, just like your iphone.

The above discussion is also applicable on the Flickr, and publishes the same on any blog site that supports xmlrpc, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Movable Type. Apart from blogging you can also download exciting game on iPhone and perk up your experience with it!