Recently i’m walking through the a demo video by Dan Morrill who builds a simple application on the Android platform.He is a member of google developer program and explain the following thing in the first cut of making applications for android

It is very easy to builds applications for android
Application are developed using android sdk (Download the SDK )

How to make a simple application for android ?

  1. Go to SDK under the menu of file>project>android project.
  2. Decide the details of application like Package name /Activity name / Application name.
  3. After filling the details just “Finish” it.
  4. This will create a source directory in right side with the name of “src” menu (java directory)

In the similar way you can create lots of applications from simple to advance for example if you want to develop an application to dial a phone.

How to create an application to dial a phone with xml base file (layout) ?

  • Go to the source file of you hello code (described above) you may change the hello word into any thing for example name.
  • Copy this source into the xml editor and create different class (e.g Class.Activity)
  • Now in order to get access to data follow these logic commands

>import android.database.Cursor;
>import android.os.Bundle;
>import android.provider.Contacts.People;

  • Now you will create mapping which tell us “which column map to which user interface element)
  • Go and map the person name to row activity
  • Map the data from data source to user interface that will display things
  • Decide the methods like “when user click on interface then particular activity occurs” e.g start activity
  • Make the options if user need permission to access the database
  • Make the options to request for permission using commands READ_CONTACTS and CALL_PHONE

Note: The main benefit of developing application on android is the ease of coding and size of codes

The details video describing all the above facts and methods is here