Since last few days i have been facing the issues with the DNS lookups of few websites and have been using the Mac since last one week without any restart.

My Problem is: Websites are getting too much time in resolving DNS, ie taking too much time in opening. For example: is working fine but gmail is having trouble & delay.

After searching for a minute, I have discovered that this is the issue with the DNS so i have switched to open DNS ( Google: & This resolved my issue for a while but after few hours, i have started facing the similar slow connection issues though my internet connection have the 8MBps connectivity so i have switched the DNS to & Alas, it doesn’t completely resolved my issue so i have looked further and interrelate the problem with cache.

How To Clear DNS Cache In Mac OSX

To clear the Mac OSX DNS cache you can simply use a Terminal for flushcache with below command:



Step1: Open the Terminal Window

Use this Command to flushcache

dscacheutil -flushcache


Note: If you face the DNS issues then first try with OpenDNS & then with flushcache, In most of the cases it will resolve your issues.