There are many music lovers out there who are always busy downloading music to update their collection of iTunes. iTunes is a very popular software application which people have been using all around the world for maintaining a digital collection of music. But many of those find problem while managing the songs downloaded by them. Now have you ever thought of downloading other application which can solve this problem of yours? If no then give it a thought and start using web application called art4itunes which will prove quite beneficial in keeping your songs in a systematic order. With this web application you can find cover art for the itunes present in your collection.

Create Album Art for iTunes in four simple steps –

Step 1:  Export Song List as plain text from iTunes

  • iTunes 8: Select a playlist, then click File > Library > Export Playlist (use Plain Text)
  • iTunes 7 and older: Select your ‘Music’ library, then click File > Export… (use Plain Text)

Step 2:  Upload song list below in the motioned field

Step 3:  Album covers and track listings will be displayed for your iTunes music collection!

Step 4:  Drag and drop the album covers onto the image box in iTunes.

I am sure after getting to know about this you might want to give this a try. But it would be better if you have some preliminary knowledge about the application so that handling it becomes easy for you. There are different ways by which you can get a cover art for your albums by making use of art4itunes. One way which is easy in comparison to other one is to use software available on the website which helps you in getting cover art automatically. It takes very less time and you do not have to export the lists of songs when using it.

But if you are a perfectionist and want everything to be done properly then other way is best suitable for you. In this you have to visit the homepage of the web application where you will be asked to export the list of songs for which you want to obtain a cover art. After exporting the list you have to upload it. Once both the things are done cover art and titles will be displayed for your music collection. You can choose anyone which you find the best. After using art4itunes managing songs will become an easy task for you.