One of the most interesting and most used web browsers across the globe is the Firefox proudly marching out from the house of Google. But to enrich our browsing moments more pleasurable Google has formulated a lot of best Firefox ADD-ONS available that can be installed by us in simple few steps.

Why you need ADD-ONS?

Yes as the word mentioned, ADD-ONS or Extensions for a firefox is always an additional accessory apart from the basic browser itself. But still these ADD-ONS are so designed to bring the world of application at just a click of your mouse.  These features are designed to make our browsing moments more fruitful & efficient.

Guidelines to install Add-ON to Firefox:

  • Just log in to the Firefox add-on,   Select the theme or the Extension you desire install to your Firefox browser.
  • You will see a Firefox installation button, click on it and the window for the Software installation will appear.
  • After a brief moment, The Install button on the Software installation will become active, so click on the same.
  • Installation of the Firefox Add-on will begin.
  • After the completion of the installation of the Firefox Add-on software, the “Restart Firefox” button will get activated. Then click on “Restart Firefox” to complete the installation procedure of the Firefox Add-on installation software.
  • After you restart your Firefox on completing the above procedure, your favorite browser Firefox, is all set to sizzle you with the amazing features of the Add-on you just had installed.  Several Add-Ons are designed to serve new interface patterns like the Tool bars, Buttons and different customization options are also available.
  • You can ensure whether new Add-ons are added by following these menu’s, View > Toolbars > Customize.

Follow the above steps and make your browsing experience the most memorable and a productive one. If you are using Gmail, then must try out these exclusive Firefox Gmail add-ons to make your work easier. But then if you are new to Firefox and not aware of which addons can be good, then follow these 20 Firefox addons that you should not use. No more glitches and worries to reach you desired application; all you need is just the Google Add-ons to take your desired links at just the click of the button.