How to make a Rock Band?

To make a Rock band, one has to have a good knowledge first, not about playing but about the Genre. It’s crucial to know people at the first step, the right people and to be a good organizer. You don’t have to be a virtuoso as a guitarist to start a band, simple knowledge of chords may suffice. Now initially you need:

  1. •    A Guitarist
  2. •    Drummer
  3. •    Bassist
  4. •    Keyboard Player (optional)
  5. •    Vocalist
  6. •    A  PA system
  7. •    Amps
  8. •    Electric Guitar, Mics
  9. •    Instruments
  10. •    Extra strings, Drumsticks, Picks, Neck straps, and Drum throne (and a drum key, just in case)

Now, the first basic step is to learn the instruments. In the cyber world you have enormous sites offering you the ways of learning to play a guitar. In  you can watch the videos and get your guidance as a visual method is much more fast and easy. Now it’s important for you to actually start covering songs. Though it sounds asinine in the beginning for a novice to actually cover it but if you start with the notion to cover the songs, you may well be able to get much ahead of our competition within days. You can listen to and watch your favorite songs being covered by different guitarists in an acoustic manner and augment your ability to catch music. Now, as a band, you’ve to select a place where you guys can rehearsal with ease as there can be problems at several spots.

Sites offering help for young guitarists:

  1. Download 12 Video Guitar Lessons Free – Learn Electric & Acoustic
  2. Over 100 Videos+ Audio+ E-Books+ Unlimited Real Guitar Teacher Support

When you’ve decided a place, ask your members to drop by daily and muster up a schedule for practicing regularly which should be comfortable with your band members.  Assemble daily and decide the songs which you wanna practice as the consent of the entire band is more essential than a person’s.  Mutually select the songs, settle down at five songs, and then start practicing them accordingly. Note that the band members are present daily. For practice, search the lyrics and guitar tabs at sites. Try sites like which may help you as playing the right tab may sound more clear and accurate. See that the coordination between the drummer and bassist corresponds as this coordination is the most important.
Now when you’ve landed up at a platform where you know how to play at least five famous songs, and the vibe amongst your band members is marveling; it’s time when you should start performing gigs locally. But first, a desirable name should be decided. The name is the identity of the band, it portrays its diversity and style quotient, though many bands name themselves anything but an impressive name may be an ace for the band. Names like ‘Poor and Juvenile’, or something involving subjects, ‘Aftermath’, ‘Psychopathic’ can also be sought. Anyways, it’s in your desire to select a name. Now after the name has been sorted out, arrange for gigs like in parties, your living area, call upon your friends and collect reviews about how rocking your band is, ignore those pestering schmucks who would detest your prowess and envy your spot. And when it’s time enough to write your own songs, bestir your holy journey to a Rocking destination. Though it’ll be confusing a bit in the beginning but after a span you’d be writing songs with an ease.

Now remember

  • Practice a lot with low volume or no amps on at all. Learn the songs FIRST.
  • Don’t stop at covering songs. After you get used to performing, write your own songs. This can be very simple.
  • For added soundproofing, raise your amplifiers off the floor. An amp placed on a chair will not transmit bass frequencies to your neighbors as much as an amp placed on the floor.
  • If you hit a trouble spot in a song, don’t just ignore it. Discuss what’s wrong and how to fix it.
  • You’re gonna need to promote yourself. Start by taking pictures with your band in various settings/environments. Staring menacingly, walking down an alley, standing in front of a brick wall, or looking off into the distance.
  • If you don’t have a P.A. system, consider plugging the mic into a bass amp.
  • DON’T plug a microphone into a guitar amp, the high and low frequencies of vocals will blow guitar amps out.
  • If someone in your band can’t make most practices, then it might be time to replace him or her.
  • Make a music video and post it into Youtube. You could also make a channel dedicated to your band.
  • And now, you’re ready to get going with your band as everything you needed is with you; so make good music and whirl the headbangers. \m/

Note: If you also want to add some facts on Rock Band / Metal / Punk then feel free to play the srings of the comments.