When I first heard about Squidoo I thought it was a great source of information. Later I realized Squidoo was an actually amazing source to make money online. If you are unfamiliar with Squidoo, then it is a website that allows you to create a lens (page) on any topic you wish to write. It is best way to display your writing skills even if you don’t own a website or blog. Apart from that you will see Adsense set up with each lens you create and that’s one of the ways to make money with Squidoo. Of course there are Amazon and EBay that are ready to offer their product on your lens so that you earn more. The income made with such ads will further be split among you, charity and Squidoo himself. However many people know how to make money with Squidoo by now, but do you know how to make it quick? Many a time lensmaster gets stuck up after creating an incredible lens and not having appropriate traffic to it. Earning with Squidoo requires work and target cannot be archived overnight. Your lens should drive more traffic, but how? How can your lens appear in those top 100 lenses? Check out the following ways a lensmaster can make handsome income on Squidoo!


If you are still confused on how to make quick money with Squidoo then here are 5 Easy ways to make quick money with Squidoo!

1.Write what is hot

This is an excellent and easiest way. Just find out what is running hot presently, regardless of what it could be. For example, you could write about the latest sports event or may be brag about hottest celeb on ground. Even if you are fashion slave and are brilliant in offering clothing tips for the season, it could be great. Locate what it is!

2.Article Marketing

Article Marketing is one of the most important factor concerning with Search Engine Optimization. It can get you free and fast traffic. Do lot of article marketing by submitting your lens to Free E-zine and other popular directory. These directories let you fill a “Resource Box” at the end of each article. Along with giving your information you can route the readers to your original lens. It’s a highly valuable technique to get free hits to your Squidoo.

3.Email Marketing

Email Marketing is useful, but not used by many. You can just put a signature link with all your outgoing emails about your “Squidoo Lens”. You may be sending emails very often and all your recipients have a chance to click and check your latest Squidoo Lens.

4.Forum Signature

Taking part in forums helps you lot with learning different things. You must be a registered member with many forums so make use of the signature link that is offered. Just add your Squidoo lens link at the signature space, through this you are revealing your lens page among many forum users. Also make sure you check their terms and services before you drop your signature.

5.Linking and Grouping

Try to build more number of lenses and link them with similar once using the feature lensroll. Further take time to visit other member’s lenses, comment on those by signing into guest book. Join groups and participate in Squidoo community that can fetch you great number of backlinks and also offer you right traffic.

These are some basic and usually neglected tips that can generate you free traffic to the Squidoo lens. Remember Squidoo is a long term project, so don’t lose focus on it. Some build up $1,000 a month, a day, you can just be next to make that handsome Income!