Today while accessing Gmail & Google Apps on chrome, I encountered with the “Gmail 400 bad request”. I  tried to refresh the page & then thought about DNS cache issue ( which i have already resolved yesterday).

Anyway to crosscheck, I suddenly open the gmail on firefox & discovered that it is working fine & it have something to do with Chrome html encoding.


Here is the process which i have followed to resolve the Gmail 400 bad request:

Step 1: Try loading Old Standard Gmail with this address

Result for me: Gmail 400 bad request


Step 2: Try loading Gmail with Labs turned off

Result for me: Bingo! It worked.



There are various types of html standard followed by Gmail to call the features in the web interface & sometimes the browser may create issues with a particular web formats so it is recommend to try any of the following standards.

  • New standard
  • Old standard
  • Labs turned on
  • Labs turned off
  • Basic HTML
  • Mobile XHTML


Let us know in case this doesn’t worked for you or have some better tip to share here!