General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet-based wireless service used for sending and receiving data through the Internet Protocol. With GPRS, the transmitted data is divided into various ‘packets’ before it is received by the user. It provides data rates ranging from 56 up to 114 kbps and continuous connection to the internet for mobile phone users of 2G (second generation)and 3G (third generation) systems. GPRS is based on GSM (Global System for Mobile) technology which is voice centric. Any service that is available over the internet such as e-mail, chat, web browsing, mms will be available over the mobile. No dial-up modem connection is required and quicker, data enhanced services and applications are boosting GPRS usage in the market.

To use GPRS, users require:

  • A mobile phone that supports GPRS
  • A subscription or upgrade, as relevant, to the mobile network that supports GPRS
  • Some users would specifically require asking their mobile network provider to activate the GPRS while other network operators allow automatic access
  • Knowledge of how to do data transfers on their specific model of the mobile handset as it varies depending on the models and brands.

GPRS OTA Settings:

Mobile phones are not only about voice conversation and sending & receiving text smses. You can download dialer tones, ring tones, wall papers, play games, send MMS, browse Internet and do many more things if your handset is GPRS enabled. Some handsets are GPRS enabled by default, while on the others you have to set up GPRS. So we at Honeytechblog will offer you to learn about setting up GPRT on your handset, below you will find step by step instruction to get GPRT OTA setting on your mobile.

A word of caution, you would need to get GPRS activated on your number to be able to use GPRS settings.

Setting up GPRS for your phones:

Usually activating GPRS on your phones are done by the service providers, and different service providers have different configurations. Additionally, the settings for GPRS vary based on the different phones and phone models. As activation is required before setting up you should know that activation process vary from one provider to other. It could be as simple as sending an SMS to a particular number or calling customer care of that particular service provider. Once the activation is taken care of, the setting of the GPRS is done based on the model of the phone.

It is important to note here that the setting for GPRS is different for different phones companies and may be different even for the different models produced by these companies. For example, the settings for a Samsung X480 are different from the settings for a Samsung X670. Therefore, it is recommended that you rely on the information given directly from the service provider. Again activation process may be different for postpaid and prepaid customers.


Most of the service providers have flexible and customized tariff rates for GPRS activation as well as usage, depending on your requirement. It is advisable to look at the tariff rates before activating GPRS on your phone. The following section lists some of the service providers with details on how to activate GPRS. It also provides links to the corresponding service provider for your convenience.

How To Setup GPRS On Vodafone

Steps to activate GPRS on Vodafone –

  • To activate GPRS on your postpaid connection SMS ACT VL to 111.
  • To activate GPRS on your prepaid connection SMS ACT VL to 144.

Activation for both postpaid and prepaid customers is toll free.

Based on your phone model you can learn to configure the setting for GPRS on Vodafone.

How To Setup GPRS On Airtel

Steps to activate GPRS on AIRTEL –

By default, Airtel Live Service is activated for all Airtel customers.

  • If it is not automatically enabled on your GPRS enabled phone, SMS FUN to 54321. Once activated, you need to save the service settings that are sent on your phone.

Note: Service Activation for Airtel Customers is absolutely free.

Learn more about tariff rates and other details on Airtel mobile.

How To Setup GPRS On Aircel

Steps to activate GPRS on AIRCEL

The activation modes for Aircel are different for prepaid and postpaid users.

  • For prepaid users, send an SMS in the following format send SMS request in the following format GPRS BP <1st three letters of handset name> <Model No.> to 57788. For example, if you own a Nokia 6600, then send an SMS GPRS BP NOK 6600 to 57788.
  • For postpaid customers you will have to fill the GPRS enrollment form that is available at all Aircel CellCity’s and Aircel Centres. After verification of the filled GPRS enrolment form, the OTA settings will be sent to you.

Learn more about configuring the settings and other details on Aircel mobile.

How To Setup GPRS On MTNL

Steps to activate GPRS on MTNL –

  • To activate GPRS on your prepaid connection (Trump) SMS ACT GPRS to 444.
  • To activate GPRS on your Postpaid connection SMS GPRS to 555.
  • You can also activate your postpaid connection by calling 1503.


The activation SMS will cost you Rs.2/- per SMS and postpaid connection number is toll free.

Depending on your phone and the phone model, learn to configure the settings for GPRS on MTNL.

How To Setup GPRS On Reliance

Steps to activate GPRS on Reliance –

  • To activate GPRS for your reliance phones, SMS ALL to 55100

Note: Activation SMS will cost you Rs. 5/- Per SMS.

Learn more about tariff rates and other details on reliance mobile.


Steps to activate GPRS on BSNL –

Activating GPRS on your BSNL connection can be done in one of the following two ways:

  • Call 94 000 24 365 and activate GPRS
  • SMS GPRS to 53733

To receive automatic configuration settings details for you GPRS enabled phone SMS your mobile model to 58355. For example, if you have a Nokia 6600 phone then SMS Nokia 6600 to 58355.

You will receive 3 or 4 settings details, save those settings in your mobile as default settings. Sometimes, you may be prompted to enter a PIN number, enter 1111.

Depending on your phone and the phone model, learn to configure the settings for GPRS on BSNL.

How To Setup GPRS On TATA Docomo

Steps to activate GPRS on TATA DOCOMO –

Tata Docomo provides GPRS on special EVD recharge.

  • The recharge instructions are for Rs.5 a pack, and a daily pass is valid till 12.00 midnight on the day of activation.
  • To activate GPRS SMS GPRS to 121.

For more information on Tata Docomo GPRS and other questions check out the FAQ page of Docomo.

How To Setup GPRS On MTS

Steps to activate GPRS on MTS –

  • To activate internet on your GPRS enabled mobiles, dial *109*21# and press the call button.
  • MTS Contract subscribers can call 111 or use the free Internet Assistant service to activate the service.

Learn more about tariff rates and other details on MTS mobile.

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