Never-ending meetings can tie you down for an eternity so it robs you some good time to chill and relax by updating your blog. It is a golden rule that thy must not let a blog remain stagnant for a week since you will loose all the loyal patrons visiting it.

Thank goodness for the emergence of social networking sites that could be accessed, updated and even edited through your mobile phone. Wap sites are available for you to find a way to get connected with the main frame. Take for example WordPress, Flickr, Facebook and the list goes on!

update-blog You can update your blog by sending short messages through your mobile phone. You see, it’s that simple! You not only keep your blog alive with your status updates, you also increase the level of traffic that comes to your blog site. The best examples is the use of various twitter tools for WordPress. On the other hands you can also make interesting blog post out of e-mail and chat conversations. You can easily post to your blog using email with some unique contents , photoshoots , queries and other crunchy information’s .

There seems to be a lot of bloggers hooked 24/7 to their PDAs or even usual mobile phones. There are some instances when they are so itching to report what they have just experienced either through a written post or photo. Another ideas to drag immense pursuit and traffic is the photo blog with the help of Mobile applications for Twitter , it takes no time to update from mobile and creates curiosity among your viewers if you are interesting enough.

When the blog gets really popular while the blogger gets really busy, there’s one way to flickkeep the fire burning in your blog. You have loyal patrons? Have them submit articles, photos, some thoughts or what-have-you regarding a specific topic you want to be highlighted on. There goes your week’s worth of updates!

Be sure to credit their works since these contributors will surely hunt you down.

Note: People who don’t have time and blog for making money have hundred of auto content generated blogs. These blog are running on RSS aggregator plugins like FeedWordPress . If you have few quality blogs then i would not recommend to go for Atom/RSS aggregator as it degrade the quality of the blog.