In this tutorial we discuss about the easiest method to jailbreak your iPhone into latest 2.2.1 firmware release by the apple.QuickPwn 2.2.5 is the tools that helps in upgrading, jail breaking, and unlocking your Apple iPhone to run a free flow new firmware.Note:All the downloadable files are available at the end of the post.upgraded-unlocked-iphone

Follow the procedure:

  1. Start your iTunes and connect your iPhone into it.The it will ask to upgrade your iPhone for firmware to 18-20-22
  2. Freely upgrade your iPhone from iTunes.(Even if you are using previous jailbreak firmware upgrade it as it will be unlocked later by QuickPwn).QuickPwn changes the firmware settings and doesn’t actually upgrade your iPhone so this process is quit necessary.28-03-2009 18-22-01
  3. After the successful upgrade,You iPhone will be unlocked and here starts the game.28-03-2009 18-27-20
  4. Get the latest version of QuickPwn 2.2.5 [download id=”11″] or [download id=”12″].
  5. Simply extract the file into a folder and launch the QuickPwn 2.2.5 program.It will ask for connecting your iPhone into your computer via the USB cable. Note:As soon as the blue arrow button glows, click it.28-03-2009 18-29-22
  6. QuickPwn application will auto detect the firmware file(.ipsw extension) downloaded via iTunes.If it doesn’t detect the file then you may download these files from from apple servers.Note: For 2.2 restore firmware ipsw file for  2G iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw / 3G iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw
    28-03-2009 18-29-43 28-03-2009 18-30-04 28-03-2009 18-30-40
  7. Check the ‘Add Cydia’ and  “Add Installer” – If you simply wants to upgrade into latest firmware. Add Unlock also if you also wish to unlock your 2G iPhone.28-03-2009 18-31-01
  8. Just bypass this step if you don’t need any unlocking else NOTE:  You need to download following two binaries in case you want to unlock your iPhone.The binaries are as follows:
    • [download id=”13″]
    • [download id=”14″]

    28-03-2009 18-31-1528-03-2009 18-32-09

    28-03-2009 18-32-24

  9. Before performing the final action,check again if your iPhone is connected via USB cable.28-03-2009 18-32-43
  10. Caution: Follow the following procedure with precession as any delay results in fail:
    1. Hold the Home key for 3-5 seconds28-03-2009 18-33-02
    2. Hold both Home key + Power key for 10 seconds
    3. Now, release Power key but continue to hold Home key for 30 seconds28-03-2009 18-33-35
    4. Note:Don’t forget to hold the Home key for the above 3 steps of jailbreaking.
  11. All done have fun: Check your iPhone screen for the reboot and new motions.28-03-2009 18-34-37
  12. Now your iPhone will be flashed and reloaded with new firmware.flashing-nor-iphone
  13. In order to confirm the iPhone version you can also check by opening the iTunes28-03-2009 18-45-12

Files used:

Note:Praval did this hack for a friend of his who owns an iPhone 2G!

Disclaimer: This post is for education purpose,we don’t offer any liabilities and responsibilities for any misuse of this method.