Today i implement dynamic tabbed interface for my wordpress blog and after sparing few minutes  i also fix it for some wordpress plugins like similar post and simple twitter and some others.I liked this feature and was thinking of its patch on wordpress.Multi tabbed menu often used in professional blogs and high profile blogs but their isn’t any documentation specially for wordpress.

Help: I get the tabber menu from barelyfitz designs and i implement it as per my requirement and modifications for wordpress.


A javascript for menus named as tabber.js

A CSS patch for the menu to display correctly example.css

  1. Open the stylesheet of your current theme used in the blog (e.g style.css ) in a notepad, dreamweaver or in any text editor.
  2. Now copy the example.css into your wordpress theme style sheet.
  3. Now open your header.php file (header files control all the styling of the wordpress ).
  4. Upload the javascript file tabber.js any where in your directory (remember the path where you upload the tabber.js )
  5. Add the following code in your header,php file <script type=”text/javascript” src=”path of tabber.js></script>

Now you are almost 50% done you just have to know the usage of tabbed menu.

Carefully watch the wp_menu code

Example of the above code will look like this

What I’m Doing

we are learning “to use multi tabbed menu in wordpress”

Some Interesting Posts

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Another beautiful example of making tabbed menu that i have read recently and is similar to the above one is here

Note: feel free to comment here if you want to know more about wordpress implementation or have any problem in fixing this menus.