Another one expected updates finally comes out in Google’s Gmail service. In before to built-in images you have to upload somewhere else and then paste into your compose box by using this “insert images and other html into gmail” tricks. No more critical steps and even who has no experiences about programming — he won’t understand how html works within a minutes.

Software Engineer of Gmail, Kent says, “Make sure you’re in rich formatting mode, or it won’t show up. Click the little image icon, and you can insert images in two ways: by uploading image files from your computer or providing image URLs. Keep in mind that Gmail doesn’t show URL-based images in messages by default to protect you from spammers, so if you’re sending mail to other Gmail users, they’ll still have to click “Display images below” or “Always display images from …” to see images you embed.”

I appreciate such types of updates but why it’s too late we really don’t know but truly worthy and more friendly ways to make mail with photos. Take some shots and tell others by inputting quotations in below of the photos and gmail is with you.