a free online service which connection multi-protocol instant messaging service to one networks and this service co-founded by ex-Googler Georges Harik. The aim of the service to make your life easier by communication and it’s supporting voice, video, text chat capabilities in most popular messaging protocols. Still it’s on beta version but it’s supporting MSN, Yahoo IM!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, MySpace and finally Skype enlisted.

Now offer langages which supporting Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Macedonian, French, Turkish, and more. And new features list are given below:

  • Star favorite buddies for easy reference
  • Upload and view buddy icons
  • Search for offline as well as online buddies
  • Change how a buddy’s display name appears in the contacts list
  • Move buddies between groups
  • Block and unblock buddies
  • Set yourself as invisible upon login
  • Voice and video chat with anyone