Your Internet browser is the key the World Wide Web. It is basically a must have application on your computer. With this software, you get to access all kinds of information and hot technology. It may be sometimes overlooked, but the kind of browser you use affects your overall surfing experience. Your Internet browser enhances your web experience every day. If it is user-friendly and compatible with most operating systems, then it is probably good.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of the best top ten browsers available in the market today. This compilation is complete with reviews on some amazing features, the trend in browsers and basically where to get them. If you are not familiar with any them, then this is good time to check them out and see if their features and functions are what you need to enhance your web surfing experience. Not all browsers are the same; some have their own positives and negatives. So be sure to click their links and try to learn more about them. Hopefully, one from the list may be the one for you and your computer.

This list is most beneficial to those upgrading their old systems and for those that want optimum performance on the net.

The top ten browsers on the market today are the following: (10 – Highest, 1 – Lowest)

1. Phase Out


2. Deepnet Explorer


3. Avant Browser


4. Flock


5. Maxthon


6. Safari


7. Opera


8. Internet Explorer


9.Google Chrome


10. Firefox