Recently i talked with Bobby Smith of  Twitpub and came to know about the most interesting ways to monetize Twitter.On asking the reason behind the origin of TwitPub? Bobby say’s that:
TwitPub is a marketplace for Twitter so users can buy and sell premium tweets. The idea of premium tweets is different from normal tweets. It’s mainly for niche and quality content such as horoscope, gossips, jokes and stock tips. Initially TwitPub is aimed for established authors or content providers who are already rich with micro content to help them distribute in Twitter – e.g. just like from selling a book to selling an e-book. However, normal Twitter-users can can test this out too.

Following is an excerpt of the interview with the Bobby:


  • About the founders?
    We’re a founded by a team of Internet innovators. We challenge new ideas to redefine new business models. More details soon.
  • About the ROI of TwitPub?
    TwitPub business model is revenue sharing. We payout at least 80% to publishers.
  • What are the benefits of using Twitpub ?
    TwitPub allows established authors to monetize on Twitter and provide a new way to buy and sell content over the web and mobile. Normal Twitter users can try it too. Plus, registration is Free!
  • How it is different from the market of twitter applications?
    TwitPub is the First marketplace for Twitter so users can buy and sell premium tweets.
  • How you see TwitPub after 2 years?
    We hope TwitPub will continue to innovate more and support Publishers as a platform… Perhaps the leader in supporting established and professional publishers/authors on Twitter.

TwitPub Introduction from Dan Samuel on Vimeo.


Twitpub also claims that :

For fans of Twitter and people who are already tweeting, this is a good way to be rewarded for quality tweets. And the best way to be rewarded is to be paid for it. TwitPub offers a generous payout of 80% and above depending on the volume of subscribers. Subscribers are people who pay to follow Premium Tweets. What’s more, pricing for subscription is set entirely by publishers. So for every USD 2.50 subscription, one is ensured at least a USD 2.00 payout. That’s not bad considering how all the payment system, technical support and system automation is provided by TwitPub. Subscribers can pay by Credit Card while authors can cash-out via PayPal or check.