2770896026 11b54e2091 m Last.FM for Windows MobileAfter the successful launch of Last.fm for your iPhone ,”Pocket Scrobbler“, an unofficial client for Windows Mobile devices, supporting scrobbling using various media players and featuring (limited) radio capabilities on Pocket PCs  is launched.Their is also a cab file which i tested for my windows mobile 6( Htc-Touch ).

Their is so much demand of windows mobile (wm) version and finally Last.FM has released a version of their service that integrates nicely with the Windows Mobile family of devices. As i told earlier this new package functions as an App, instead of simply a mobile version of the web interface, and includes their popular scrobbling feature.

What is Scrobbler?

Scrobbler is a software which detects the tracks you’re listening to and adds them to your online profile on Last.FM.It basically uses plugins for various types of music listening software, such as Winamp, foobar, Windows Media Player etc .

Who support Scrobbler?

The app is supported mostly by the user communityt Last.FM for Windows Mobile, who tells us that it works on Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (usually included on WM 6). This latest move by Last.FM, in almost every aspect, continues to show that the spirit that founded the company is alive and well, despite working for the CBS Overlords now.  They’re still in the business of getting their application working with just about every platform in existence, and making your profile usable and viewable from everywhere.

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You can grab the software from the Last.fm Forumt Last.FM for Windows Mobile or download a version direct from here:

Last.fm Mobile for Pocket PCt Last.FM for Windows Mobile
Last.fm Mobile for Smartphonet Last.FM for Windows Mobile