As usual while checking my mobile i got few requests for updating the apps in Google Play. I have updated all the apps including linkedin for android but when i observed few notifications then i got to know about some newly introduced features of the Linkedin App. Linkedin have also announced the app features in their official blog, Some main updates are as follows:

For Android & IOS

1. A new notification options has been introduced by the linked on their Android & ios apps. Now you can choose to get realtime notifications (just like facebook app) whenever someone like your shares, accept your invitations or view your profile. In short you can get realtime notifications on the actions over your profile.

2. A new features for Company pages are now available on Linked Android & ioS apps. Now you can see recent updates about the companies you follow on Linked.

For iPad

When i explored more on Linkedin blog then i get to know that Linked have also updated the iPad app but with a minor changes like introduction of some new languages along with notifications & company pages. You can look into detailed presentation of Linkedin if you wish to explore more about it.