PageZipper add-ons an extensive Mozilla firefox extension which brings more faster web experiences and consuming your time. How? Lots of websites using “next page” which actually using to great more page impressions. Also making money or using advertisement perfectly to using your clicks. But, when you’re on a page which has 52 slide or more — you will be tired or bored to click on “next page” one by one such as on Is not it? But PageZipper going to resolve that problems and it will load next pages automatically and save your valuable time.Load “Next Page” Automatically With PageZipper Add-ons

“PageZipper automatically loads the contents of “next page” links right underneath the current page, so you can scroll down instead of clicking through. It’s quite similar to another extension called AutoPager, and I like that it doesn’t show its page breaks the way AutoPager does. Where PageZipper hasn’t caught up with AutoPager yet is in the way it deals with tricky “next page” links. AutoPager lets you find them manually and train it, while PageZipper relies on its own (granted, very good) auto detection” says Jay Hathaway.

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