Operating a computer using both the cursor and keyboard is what we were taught while growing up. However, keyboard shortcuts exist for most common tasks and one actually replace the cursor with just the keyboard (Games and photoshop aside). Most keyboard shortcuts and operating system tips aren’t put down in any sort of manual purely because there are so many. But when you do find a great one, it can easily change some of the tasks you found tedious.


Here are 5 awesome Mac tips that will make your work easier and enhance your experience.

CMD + backspace to delete files

Switching from Windows one gets used to that delete button on the keyboard. Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t have that and the quickest way to delete files is to press CMD and backspace at the same time.

Hide/Show dock with Alt + CMD + D

The dock can be very useful but there’s no doubt that it takes up screen space. Hiding it is a great way to maximize screen estate and if it’s hidden, you can just hover over whichever side of the screen it’s one and it’ll reappear.

CMD + Tab will show your current running apps and let you choose between them

Just like Alt+Tab switches between running windows, CMD+Tab lets you cycle along to whichever app by hitting the tab button as many times as required.

Take a screenshot with Shift + CMD + 3

Shift+CMD+3  will take a screenshot of the whole screen. In addition there are some other ways to take different types of screenshots. Shift + CMD + 4 will allow you to choose a specific area to screenshot. Shift + CMD + 4 and then pressing the spacebar will allow you to take a screenshot of a window.

Quickly access spotlight/search with CMD + Spacebar

Spotlight is one powerful tool and is a great way to search your Mac for basically anything. Access it with CMD+Spacebar.


Do let us know if your find these shortcuts helpful in the comment section below.