Note: If you find difficulty in managing several twitter accounts at once then you look forward in this post.
SharedMinds is a good tool which offer you to manage all your Twitter account in one single click. Once you sign-in with all your Twitter accounts, all tweets from your friends you’re following on all different multiple accounts will show up in tweet pane and if you want to see activity from single account at a time, then there is no problem you can change the settings easily and view activity from single account.

One of the feature I like about SharedMinds is that when you click on any link, it open website within preview pane itself, means there is no need of browser. SharedMinds offer you to tweet easily, reply to tweet in no time and many other features.

ShareMinds is a great tool and if you have not try it yet, give it a try and share your feedback with us in comment section.

Download Link for SharedMinds