Controlling your Android mobile device right from your desktop is one of the most sought out feature in the tech community. Providing, one such solution now is the Chinese gaming company, ‘Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co.’ as they bring, MoboGenie, a desktop based data manager for your Android device.

Launching the application in Mumbai, the President of Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology said, “the software will empower Mobile users in an effective manner, so that they can take maximum benefit of their phone and unleash the hidden utilities of their mobile and over the boundaries often raised by limitation of touch screen and slow internet connectivity”.


The MoboGenie application is a really handy utility for all the Android enthusiasts, as it allows the users to control features of the device such as send texts straight from the apps and access contacts. You can also transfer contents, back up the device or restore the device from that backup. There is also a handy feature where you can use the internet connection of your PC to download apps and games and avoid the data usage of the device.


The UI of the application is neatly done and all you really have to do to get started is connect your device via USB. Once the device has been recognised you can control he various features of the device. Make sure you have the Debugging mode on your device when you connect the device otherwise the device will not be recognised.


You can install various things such as Apps, Games, Wallpapers or ringtones from the collection provided in the application straight to your device once the device has been connected. In case, typing on the touchscreen is not your thing, then the application allows you to send multiple text messages by typing them on your computer. the transfer rates are decent, and although using services which provide wireless access by connecting the device to the same router is one solution, MobileGenie brings plenty more features to the table and very useful for those who do not have access to Wi-Fi and use a USB Dongle or good old LAN wire for internet access.

You can also install or uninstall applications right from the desktop, saving the pain of doing everything on device. To put it in a nutshell, you can control just about everything, from apps to contents of your device, right form your desktop using MoboGenie App.

You can download the application for free from MoboGenie website here.