As a blogger you know what make or break your blog and it is always a dream of every blogger that his blog gets more traffic as compared to other bloggers. There are many ways to get traffic on blog like social media optimization, search engine optimization, etc. and already many of you using it. In this post I’m sharing a new way to get traffic on blog and by using it, I have increased traffic on my blog. By using MGID, you can easily increase traffic on your blog.

For those who do not know, MGID is a traffic exchange system which offer you to display related posts with thumbnails on your blog only by placing a widget and in addition to this your blog also appear on sites that use MGID widgets in same way. To get started with MGID, you need to sign-up and register your blog on MGID. Once your blog approved by MGID team, you can easily paste MGID widget on your site. One of the best thing I like about this is that, this traffic is completely free for you.

MGID gurantees that each time when visitors click on MGID content, you will get a return visitor. MGID works best only with busiest websites on the internet and if your websites generate high volumes of traffic, then MGID is the perfect option to increase traffic to higher level. One of the thing I initially do not like about this, it takes pretty much time for MGID to start sending claimed amount of traffic on your blog, though you can submit your own links if you want this process to go faster and the number of links you submit is unlimited.

In addition to this, you can also make money by using this service and you can also use this website to promote services or product at low cost just $0.01.

Final Note: If you are planning to start a new website, then one thing you need to focus is on getting visitors to website. If no-one sees your site, then there is absolutely no chance that you will be able to sell your product or any chance of people returning.

Google Analytics Stats

Screenshots that shows how much traffic we get in a day from MGID

Stats of Google Analytics showing referring sites