The Internet has come a long way since it first caught the attention of the entire earth. However, the history of the Internet runs the risk of being overtaken by smartphones and tablets suggests a report by Flurry Analytics. The study suggests that over the last 12 months, the customer usage of the online web, as opposed to apps, has undergone a considerable change.

According to the Flurry Blog, the scale of the study was summed up as

For mobile application usage, we used Flurry Analytics data, now exceeding 500 million aggregated, anonymous use sessions per day across more than 85,000 applications

The study revealed that users used apps for longer, in an average day, when compared to the time they accessed the Internet through their desktops or mobile web. According to the study, the user spends 9% more time on the mobile application, as opposed to Internet. It also suggested that the growth has been 91% increase over the last year. Comparatively, the growth of users that access the web has been slower at about 16% over the last year.

Additionally, the study reveals that the time spent by users on apps is primarily to play games and access Social Networking. blog adds –

Consumers spend nearly half their time using Games, and a third in Social Networking apps

Overall, the general outcome of the study that people are slowly and steadily moving from the Internet and web technology that has been making technology leaps the last 15 years, to new more savvy applications.